The Convicted Survivors of California

Get to know the incarcerated battered women of California

It’s time to let the survivors of California have their cases reheard with the laws that were not in place upon their conviction. With the state of California in ongoing budget crisis, and each elderly prisoner costing taxpayers close to $80,000 per year, it only makes sense to release those who are deemed eligible for parole. With the 50 women that AB 593 will open the door to, that is nearly $4,000,000 that California could be saving every year. These women have served their time. Understand their stories. Understand their pain. Understand their plea. They deserve a chance to give back to society. Their lives can be best utilized if they have the ability to directly impact people whose lives they can help lead away from a path of devastating choices.


Glenda Crosley

The Abuse Endured

Rosemary Dyer

Glenda Virgil

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