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Senate Public Safety Success

The Sin by Silence Bills PASSED the Senate Public Safety.
What an incredible day of making a difference!

The Sin by Silence team traveled to Sacramento – Norma Cumpian (released in 2011), Olivia Klaus (Director/Producer of Sin by Silence), and Brenda Clubine (released in 2008).

Brenda and Norma visit the Senate floor

The Public Safety Committee Hearing

United advocates from Sin by Silence, USC Post-Conviction Justice Project, California Habeas Project, CA Coalition for Women Prisoners, Legal Services for Prisoners with Children, and Californians United for a Responsible Budget

People from across the state came to support our Sin by Silence Bills (AB 593 & AB 1593), as well as other legislation (AB 1270), to call for transparency in California’s troubled prison system.  To find out more about the legislation (AB 1270) visit

Brenda inspiring advocates gathered on the North steps of the Capitol.

Norma sharing her story.


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  1. Sandra White says:

    And while this was going on at the Capitol…I was blogging with Mothers Around the World and the UN….We sent this message to
    President Obama: Every Mother Deserves the Right to Defend Her Own Live and the Lives of Her Children From Domestic Abuse…Without Blame and Without Punishment….I’ve been keeping the President informed of what is going on here in California.

    Battered Woman Survivor’s Rock!

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