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Legislative Action Days
13th Mar 2012Posted in: Latest News & Updates 3
Legislative Action Days

On March 6th, the Sin by Silence Bill team partnered with the California Partnership to End Domestic Violence for their Legislative Action Days at the Capitol in Sacramento.  This even brought together with over 200 domestic violence and sexual assault advocates from across the state to meet with their representatives. In those meetings, advocates spoke out for justice and safety for the women, men and children impacted by domestic violence and we were proud that AB 593 was part of 3 bills being presented at each meeting.

Together we were able to have the crucial message of AB 593 be presented to every single Assemblymember and Senator at the Capitol.  IMPACT!



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  1. reba smith says:

    I am related to one of these ladies that the bill is fighting for. I was also a battered women. Fortunately, I didn’t kill. But, it was in my heart. I was frightened. No where to turn!


  2. Tahir says:

    on the comment to your past, I think it takes seonome brave to share a story so publicly. Domestic Violence is something that happens to so many people and I am thankful that you took the opportunity to bring awareness. You are one strong woman!!

  3. Bonnie Seery says:

    I was shown a film of women who were the initial fighters for the right to vote…They were treated without mercy..Some of these women are alive today and still fighting for women’s rights…Today I became aware of this sinbysilence cause and was on it…I thanked a local activists , I signed the petition to see AB583 and AB1583, I wrote a comment below the signature of the petition , I will call Jerry Brown, I wrote our legislature…and now this Reply! I’ve been abused horribly..and it stays stuck in your NOW for years…I’m lucky, I finally forgave…I will say..if my violent ex had moved close to endangering my children and or my life…If i had the means..he’d be dead!..(Never to hurt another woman or child.) I sometimes wondered why his ex wan’t jealous…then when he showed his ugly soul to me..I knew… One many women? Let’s get it stopped NOW! Bonnie Seery

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