In 2002, Penal Code 1473.5 became law, making California the first state in the nation to permit battered women convicted of killing their batterers to file a writ of habeas corpus that challenged their original conviction if sentencing occurred prior to 1992. In 2012, AB 593 and AB 1593 seek to bring justice for the survivors still trapped behind prison walls.
A California prison study found that 93% of the women who had killed their significant others had been battered; 67% of these women attempted to protect themselves or their children. The remaining survivors that AB 593 and AB 1593 represent, deserve fair parole hearings and to have their cases tried under the new laws that were not in place during their original trials.
With the passing of the Sin by Silence Bills, there are nearly 70 women who need legal representation to help them through the writ process toward freedom. Do you know of a lawyer that could represent an incarcerated survivor? Submit your information, and we will be in touch to start the process to make a difference.